Archaeological fieldwork throughout Leicestershire

Thistleton Roman Town, Villa, Temple

April 7, 2018

On Thursday June 21st at 7.30 Peter Liddle will give a talk about his latest research on the Roman Town of Thistleton in Rutland.  The Thistleton area has shown evidence of Romano-British occupation in the form of coins, pottery, brooches and scatters of tile and other building material. Excavations on the site has also revealed traces of houses, wells, kilns, ovens, hearths and burials. It is possible that the site represents a small market settlement on the border between the Catuvellauni and the Coritani tribes. This is supported by the fact that the site also boasts a large temple precinct within which were a succession of temple buildings dating from the late pre-Roman Iron-Age to the late-4th or early-5th centuries.

At our new venue at the University of Leicester.  All welcome.