Archaeological fieldwork throughout Leicestershire

New Meeting Venue

November 8, 2017

From November 2017 Leicestershire Fieldworkers lecture meetings will be held at the new George Davies Building, Centre for Medicine, University of Leicester.  The address is: Centre for Medicine, University of Leicester, Lancaster Road, LE1 7HA.  We are very grateful to the University for providing this facility free of charge. See pictures below.

Our lectures will be held in Lecture Theatre 2 which is on the first floor.  There is a lift.  The lecture theatre seats 120.  The reception will be manned and there is a turnstile and a gate.  There will be a sign-in list on the reception desk.  We are unable to provide any refreshment as that has to be provided by university catering if required so it is not possible to provide this.  You are welcome to bring a bottle of water into the lecture.  It got rather hot at the first lecture – we hope the building will ‘settle down’ in future as it is self-controlling.

The building is on the corner of University Road and Lancaster Road on what used to be part of the playing fields of the school. Parking is available opposite the Centre after 5pm at the Medical Sciences building car park on Lancaster Road. This car park goes behind the Medical Sciences building.  Bear left as you come in off the road.  The IN barrier to this car park should be up – if not then just say you are at a lecture at Centre for Medicine.  Please see the pictures below. To get out if the OUT barrier is down just drive up to it and it will rise.   There is no parking at the Centre for Medicine building itself unless you are disabled and then these need to be booked, but parking on the road is also free after 6pm. Please note that if De Montfort Hall have an event on then there is no guarantee of road spaces and you might have to park a bit further away.

Centre for Medicine from Victoria Park gates that lead to War Memorial

Car Parking behind Medical Sciences building. Drive up to or past barrier on the left and park behind building. (Barrier on the right is the OUT barrier)

view of entrance looking up Lancaster Road.

View of entrance as you come down from University Road crossroads

view of entrance looking up the road to the War Memorial walk