Archaeological fieldwork throughout Leicestershire

LiDAR in Charnwood

March 1, 2018

Matt Beamish of the University of Leicester Archaeological Services has carried out investigation of the Charnwood Forest area using LiDAR to see what is under all the trees.  He will be coming to speak about this research on May 17th 2018.

Analysis of existing Environment Agency LiDAR data within the Charnwood region for the Charnwood Roots project has brought to light hundreds of possible new sites and extensions of existing ones from Desford to Whitwick to Quorn. New sites include enclosures of
various sizes and forms, field systems, and routeways, whilst extensions have been identified for moated sites and rabbit warrens. Previously unidentified earthwork enclosures have been found in woodland (LiDAR scanning can penetrate deciduous woodland and provide detailed ground survey), an example of which is in Felicity’s wood, to the north of Beacon Hill (below). Other notable new discoveries are large rectangular enclosures within Martinshaw Wood, and unsuspected medieval field systems within areas of woodland.