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April 14, 2016

Albion Archaeology publication ‘A Romano-British Farmstead at Stretton Road, Great Glen’ will be on sale at Great Glen library on Saturday 9th April from 10am to 1pm.  The book, which presents plans and photos of the site and finds, many in colour, also features reconstructions of the farm during its lifetime.  The excavators found the remains of a small farm originating in the early 2nd century AD which continued in use for 300 years right through to the late 4th century. Then it appears to have been abandoned as no Anglo-Saxon finds were recorded and the area became a field, cultivated in the medieval period by the ridge and furrow method.

With support from Miller Homes Albion Archaeology provided tours of the site to local people and schoolchildren and they have now printed a report for £8 (below the actual cost of production and distribution) in order to disseminate the results.  The report is available from Leicestershire Fieldworkers who are handling this on behalf of Albion, whose headquarters are in Bedford.  Copies of the Fieldworkers own recent book ‘Medieval Leicestershire’ will also be available.  If you are unable to attend please either email Kathy Elkin on or see as other arrangements for delivery may be possible without incurring postage.

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