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Anglo-Saxon Female Burials

May 22, 2019

Leicestershire Fieldworkers


Female Burials of the Conversion Period: A recent find from Rollright, Oxfordshire

A talk by Prof Helena Hamerow

Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Thursday 20th June, 7.15pm

All Welcome, the talk will be preceded by the Leicestershire Fieldworkers’ AGM at 7.00pm

Lecture Theatre 2, George Davies Centre, University of Leicester (on the corner of Lancaster Road and University Road, LE1 7HA)

In 2015, a metal detector user uncovered several early medieval artefacts from land adjacent to the Rollright Stones, a major prehistoric complex straddling the Oxfordshire – Warwickshire border. He alerted the Portable Antiquities Scheme and a well-preserved female burial was subsequently excavated. The grave contained a number of remarkable objects on the basis of which the burial can be securely dated to the seventh century.  It lay some 50m northeast of a standing stone known locally as the ‘King Stone’.  This burial and its remarkable setting sheds new light on the role of women in Conversion-period England.